Nanoident Bionictex

Ski Couch Lotuseffekt Schirm

Bionic nano coating for textile with hydrophobication and protection equipment

The durable high capacity textile hydrophobication is water based. It conjoins directly to the textile fibre and it improves the textile's soil resisting effect considerably. Water, dirt, coffee, cola, urine etc will roll off the surface. Occurring blotches can be easily removed. A transparent, invisible, breathable and durable protection for textiles will be the result. The long lasting original optics of the textile will be maintained  by the product's special protective soil resisting function. This is the result of a considerably higher quantity of nano particles. Simple spraying on facilitates the product's application . Neither dry-cleaning nor mechanical cleaning may affect our product's function. Like in plant kingdom after a rain water and dirt will roll off. The nano product is free from fluorine, fluorcarbon, siloxane, nano wax and wax.

  • water repellent
  • oleophobe (oil resistant)
  • easy to clean
  • easy to wash
  • bionic soil resistin
  • bionic fleck repulse
  • reduction of fibre swelling
  • colour intensifying
  • protection from pilling
  • wash permanent
  • natural creaminess
  • improved slippage
  • resistant to washing
  • maintenance of colour and optics
  • resistant in washing machine
  • excellent humidity management
  • rapid drying
  • anti slip & ant -soiling effect
  • feel good effect
  • better climate control
  • improved wearing
  • protection against environment influences
  • feel good effect
  • better climate control
  • long term stability
  • resistant  under ultra violet light
  • ameliorated optics

Scope of application: all textile material