Nanoident Plasticgard 1K



BMW Scheinwerfer

Nano sealing with high capacity protection for plastics  

The high capacity nano coating for particles of plastics is based on nano. It conjoins directly to the material molecule and improves remarkably the surface in it's soil resisting effect. A transparent, visible, breathable and durable protection onto the plastic surface will be the result. The soil resisting effect of our product helps to maintain the original optics of the plastic on the long run. The special product's protective function is a result of an especial composition of ingredients and of nano particles. Diminishes water absorption of plastics. As to be seen in the plant kingdom water and dirt will roll off the plastic. This nano product is free from acrylic, silicone, fluorcarbon, siloxane and wax. 

  • water repellent
  • easy to clean
  • bionic soil resistin
  • bionic fleck repulse
  • protection against environment influences
  • improved brilliance
  • varnish pores maintain dirt free
  • easy protection against scratches
  • temperature resistant up to 260C°
  • better optics
  • oleophob (oil and colour repellent
  • improved optics
  • cleaning more rapid and easy
  • resistant  under ultra violet light
  • long term stability

Scope of application: plastic particles