Catering trade

Nanoident Coperprotec


Nano coating - protection from tarnishing for copper and brass

It is an ultra thin high capacity water repellent  nano coating on the base of real  nanotechnology. It conjoins directly to the copper molecule. The soil resisting function of the surface will be ameliorated considerably. The nano product is transparent and temperature resistant. Copperprotec improves copper's optics and it's cleaning performance. Fats and oil can be very easily removed and the optics of the copper and the brilliance will stay. Application area: for beverage industry, gastronomy, restaurant etc.

Scope of application: copper boilers and all parts of copper etc.

Nanoident Silvershield


Nano sealing - protection from tarnishing for silver

It is an ultra thin high capacity water repellent sealing on the base of nanotechnology. It directly conjoins to the silver molecule and increases considerably the surface in it's soil  resisting characteristics. Product is transparent and temperature resistant. Silvershield ameliorates optics and cleaning performance of silver.  Fats and oils can very easily be removed. Optics and brilliance will stay. Application area: gastronomy, restaurant, kitchen etc.

  • water repellent
  • easy to clean
  • bionic soil resistin
  • brilliance maintenance of silver
  • silver pores maintain dirt-free    
  • protection against tarnishing and oxidation
  • avoids blackening
  • cleanser resistant
  • resistant  under ultra violet light
  • ameliorated optics
  • rapid cleaning
  • long term stability

Scope of application: sterling cutlery, silver plates, silver devices etc.

Nanoident Cerangard


Nano sealing for ceran cooktops

The nano sealing for ceran cooktops  conjoins directly to the material molecule and improves considerably the surface in it's soil resisting effect. Product is extra hydrophobic. It avoids burning in of oil and fats into the ceran surface. Already burned in soiling will be very easily removed by Rapid Polish. Expense of  cleaning procedure will be minimised.

  • easy to clean
  • water repellent
  • fat and gel repelling
  • temperature resistant 
  • improved optics 

Scope of application: Ceran surfaces

Nanoident Inoxshield Forte

Nano coating - Protective coating for stainless steel

The nano product is a special ultra thin high waterproofing and docks directly to the stainless steel molecule, while the stainless steel surface will improve considerably in their dirt repellent effect. A transparent, changing temperature resistant, invisible and breathable protection on the steel surface with a long lifespan. Through the dirt-repellent effect of our product remains the original optics of the stainless steel the long run. The special protective function of the nano product is based on a considerably higher proportion of nanoparticles. The stainless steel surface has easy to clean effect. The product provides a long-term value preservation as well as improved appearance and easier maintenance of stainless steel, fats and oils can be removed very easily. The product is oil, acrylic, silicone, fluorocarbon, siloxane and wax. Applications: for food, restaurant, kitchens, closets, sheets, panels, pipes, grills, ovens, hoods, etc.

     water resistant
     Easy to Clean
     Bionic dirt resistance
     Increased stability of the stainless steel shine
     Pores remain dirt-free stainless steel
     Grease and oil-repellent
     better Backterienabweisung
     Improved appearance of the stainless steel
     UV stable
     Food approval
     faster cleaning
     Long-term stability

Applications: All steel materials and stainless steel parts, etc.