Foundation of our company is the development, production and distribution of functional nano-coating systems.


The Nano coating (vehicles), the surface coating and nanotechnology (read: the entire field of nano technology) is performed with increasing success of the company CTC Nanotechnology GmbH. Not for nothing that the company has to accept the Innovation Award 2006 may (in the fields of nano and auto glass coating or waterproofing).


lotuseffekt04The production and distribution of high-quality nano Bionic Products, which are essential both for everyday use as well as unusual demands of daily life, drawing from the CTC Nanotechnology GmbH. For example, in view of the surface treatment or finishing of industrial surfaces, concrete coatings or sealants in general.


10 companies now belong to the group of companies with more than 800 highly motivated employees, with about 100 sales partners and licensing company! The main focus is on distribution and in the field of services connected with the latest CTC Nanobiotik products.

The main activities of the company in terms of the nano-coating (vehicles), so the multifaceted field of nanotechnology (read: the nano technology) as well as the surface coating (ie: the surface finishing) or the surface treatment generally comprises generally the following aspects: advanced nano products innovative coating systems and coating both the car.


lotuseffekt05Even with regard to the protective sealant for glass and surface engineering in general, the CTC Nanotechnology GmbH is active worldwide with great success. The fact is that the nano-coating (vehicles), nanotechnology and nano-technology combined with advanced surface coating and surface treatment is a future-oriented range. Activities such as industrial applications or high hydrophobicity changes, etc., are thus able to continue to assert their place in the modern industrial success.